Prime Protein FAQ's


You can register by clicking on the icon which is at the top right corner of the homepage. Fill the details which are given in the form and submit it.

NO, Registration Fee is absolutely free.

We can just search the items and add to the cart. But to shop on Prime Protein we need to get registered and logged at the time of checkout.

Each email address and contact number can be associated with one Prime Protein Account.

Yes, you can have more than one delivery address. If you want different products to be delivered in different places then you need to order them separately.

You can have only one Prime Protein account for each EMail and Mobile Number.

Yes, you can have multiple accounts with the same address. Up to 5 members of a family can have the same address.

Yes, you can place an order to any city from the same account.

Account Related

My Account is a section where you can see your past orders, also you can see the payment details and also you can track the order. You can also update your contact details.

To reset your password, firstly enter your email in the login form, then click on forget the password. An email to reset password will be sent to your mail I’d. By using that you can reset your password. If any issue occurs contact the customer support system.

Credit notes display the balance of your Prime Protein Account. This is present in My Account section.

It is a list where you can find your previous orders. So, it becomes easy to shop in the future.


There are different modes to pay for our order on Prime Protein. You can pay by using your card like a credit card, debit card. You also have cash on delivery option.

No, VAT is not added. GST is added as per government rules.

Yes, it is secure to use your cards on Prime Protein. RBI makes it compulsory to have an authentication passcode confirmed by VISA or Master Secure Code which has to be entered by online buyers while paying online using visa or master credit card. So, extra security is provided for the customers to make online shopping safer.

You can pay your amount during the delivery time at your place.

If we are unable to deliver any item, we refund the amount to your Prime Protein account. You can use this amount for future payments. If you want your amount to be credited to your bank account Then you need to contact the customer support system and we will refund your amount back to you.

Once you are done with selecting your products, you click on checkout. Then you are requested to select a delivery slot and payment method. In the payment method, you will have a box to enter the coupon that you have. The amount will be deducted automatically from the total bill.

It is a prepaid account associated with Prime Protein account. In this, you can add a huge amount and shop for multiple times without paying each time you shop.

Delivery Related

The order will be delivered to you on the day and slot selected by you. In case we are unable to deliver on time then 10% of the amount will be credited to your Prime Protein account. use that Amount on the Next Order

Supplement Products are packed with hands clean and we use the reusable plastic tray and cling them.

In the website, we show you the estimated weight and price for an item. When we deliver we weigh each item. Sometimes the weight may vary by 5%. For instance, if the price is 100 rs/kg, and the item weighs 1.5kg then the bill would be 105 rs. If the weight is less then the price would be accordingly less.

Across the city, we have a trusted team. They deliver according to the time to the customers.

When you open the website, firstly login to your Prime Protein account. Then you will find “my account” on the top right corner of the website. Then click on “update my profile”, where you can change your address.

After the selection of items, at the time of checkout, you enter the delivery address. If that address is not available then we intimate it before the checkout.

Yes, our customer support team informs you with the updates. Also, 10% of the amount will be credited to Prime Protein account. So, that you can use this for future payments.

There is no minimum order for the delivery, order above 1000 rs provides you with free delivery.

Yes, we provide same day delivery. For this service, you need to order before 3 PM. This service is available in particular areas like Hyderabad,Telangana.

Prime Protein provides the same day delivery service. When an order is placed before 3:00 PM, then we deliver it on the same day in either 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM slot or 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM slot. If the order is placed after 3:00 PM then the order will be delivered the next day. We provide this service in Kodada and Huzurnagar.

Yes, it is applicable to all the items.

Order Related

A delivery slot is a time during which you receive your order. Present we provide 4 delivery slots.
Slot 1: 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Slot 2: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Slot 3: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Slot 4: 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Cut-off time is the time taken to process your delivery. You can not modify the order after the cut-off time. Cut-off time for slot 1 & slot 2 is after 7:00 PM. You can select this for next day delivery. Cut-off time for slot 3 & slot 4 is before 3:00 PM. If you want the order to be placed on the same day then you can select these slots.

No, you can not add items after the cut-off time of the particular slot. If you don't want any item you can return the item and the amount will be added to your Prime Protein account.

When you log in to your account you find “my basket” on the top right corner of the page. There you can find the next slot details.

Once you place the order then delivery slot cannot be changed. If any urgency then you can contact the customer support system and we try our best to fulfill your request.

Once after you place the order you can not modify the order. To do so, please contact our customer support system.

5 minutes would be blocked for you. After that, the slot will be released for others.

No, you can not order the item which is out of stock. But we take care that all the items were available for the customers.

You can get the details of your order by contacting our customer support system.

If any item is unavailable we inform you through the mail or through SMS before delivery.

To compensate the time, slot and effort we charge a cancellation fee. Since every order undergoes a process systematically and manually also. A Particular slot will be allotted for each order. Manpower is also considered. If once the order is canceled or modified, the process needs to be started from first. So, in order to compensate this, we charge a cancellation fee.

Once you receive your order Check the list and the items. If any item is missing you can report. If you are not available to receive the order then you have a window option of 48hrs to report the missing items.

You can cancel the order before the cut-off time by contacting our customer support system or from the Customer Service section in Prime Protein app.

Customer Related

Our customer support system will be available all the days from 7 am to 10 pm. You can contact them at 1800-2700-993. You can also contact through mail support@Prime

Our customer support system will be available all the days from 7 am to 10 pm.

We prefer to take feedback from the customers, it might be good or bad. You can write the feedbacks at care@Prime

We take all the measures to get the order safe and quality items. If you face any issue regarding anything you can contact the customer support system and tell them the issue you faced.

Return & Refund

When you are not satisfied with the quality of the product or if you get a damaged item then you can return the item. Amount of that product will be credited to your Prime Protein account. So, you can use the amount for future payments.
There are some return policies and timings. According to those policies and timings, you can return your items. Perishable (easily spoiled) goods - within 48hrs of delivery Others - within 7 days of delivery.


No, we don’t have any store outside. We are purely internet based company.

If you receive any damaged item you can return it at the time of delivery or you can contact the customer service support system.

When you cancel or return the item then the amount will be credited to your Prime Protein account. This can be for future payments. If you pay through credit card then also amount will be refunded within 7-10 working days. If any issue you can contact customer support system.

Yes, you can place bulk orders. You can contact us at orders@Prime for bulk orders.

When you don’t find the products you require then you can suggest us through support@Prime

We are very glad to receive the feedback, it might be positive or negative. You can give feedback through support@Prime or you can also call to 1800-2700-993 and let us know the experience of you with Prime Protein.

No, there is no token system.

Refer & Earn

Firstly login to our Prime Protein app. On top right corner you will find my account. Click on that and you will find refer and earn. There you will get referral unique code, by using that you can invite your friends. Each time on successful registration you get 25 rs discount. And order above 1000 rs you will get a 7% discount.

You can refer up to 20 of your known people. Though you refer more than that by using your referral code the amount may not be credited into your wallet.

No, the wallet doesn't get expired. Once the money is credited you can use this.

Goto my account which is present on the top right corner, there you will find my wallet. In this, you can find the balance of your wallet.

We are planning to launch this store in the future. This is a great idea, this Prime Protein specialty store deliveries you the products within one hour. We process your order and collect the items from your nearer store and deliver it to you.

Other FAQs

You can suggest the new stores at support@Prime We try our best to add this to the stores available on our list.